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How to Win My Wife Back - Techniques You Should Know

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If you've said or done something stupid that caused your relationship to crumble, you're in the right place. We're here to help you win your wife back with these simple steps.
The first step in how to win my wife back is to not look desperate. You have to give her space to work out whatever she has going on inside. If you see each other during visitation with the kids, or bump into each other in public, keep it light and easy. Don't bring tension in the air with heavy talk all the time. She'll feel bombarded and shut down. Don't call her all the time or make it obvious that you're waiting by the phone for her to call you.
Use this time apart to work on yourself as well. If you want to win your wife back, you have to look like a prize to be won. That's not just physically either. Work on your attitude and your outlook on life. Get a hobby. Be happy. Happiness will attract more happiness. If you make yourself feel better about you, she'll see what she's missing and want to come back. It also helps you find yourself again, especially after long marriages where you tend to become husband.
Another part of how to win my wife back is understanding why she's gone in the first place. If she's having a mid-life crisis then you probably should just wait it out. It really is that simple. Some women freak out around their 40th or 50th birthdays and feel like their life is passing them by. They generally calm down within a few months and return to normal. If it's something more pressing than that, like cheating, then you need to do a lot more than wait it out.
How to win my wife back after you've cheated, honesty is the only way to go. Maybe things in the relationship have been deteriorating for a while. In this case, both of you may have strayed. It's important to get everything out in the open before you work on reconciliation. If you can't be honest with each other at this point, don't bother trying to work it out. It's only going to get back to this point again later. Also, if you did cheat, she doesn't want to hear how it was all her fault for not being there for you. You have to be honest about your feelings, but do it carefully.
The most important thing about how to win my wife back is making sure you both want to be together again. If she won't return your calls or even see you, then she probably doesn't want to work it out. You have to know when it's right and when it's not.
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9 Responses to Win Back Your Ex Wife Kids

  1. Confused_Daily says:

    Whats too long and not worth it….?
    I’ve been with my boyfriend for four and a half years. It’s been an interesting four+ years!

    When we both met, we were both going through divorces with cheating spouses. At first we were hesitant to get together because we didn’t want to be each other’s “rebound” but we couldn’t fight the attraction. We decided to take it “slow” the first two years. After the first two years and we were still madly in love with each other we decided to move in and try our hand at a “joined” life. But there’s a problem. While he’s a wonderful man who’s great with my kids and my family and treats me exceptionally well, his ex and his kids are a crazy demonic past that won’t let him get on with his future. His ex wife has gone to jail for harassment and stalking. His kids are horrible. I’ve never been the type who’s hated kids but these kids are terrible!! I’m not asking that they love me or even like me at this point I’m just asking that they respect me. His kids have cussed me out at Thanksgiving in front of my family, his oldest has body checked me at our home and has cursed at me under his breath (my boyfriend is hard of hearing and his kids know it so they will talk under their breath because they know their father won’t hear it). For over a year, when he has his kids I’m NOT in the picture. At first we would go round for round on it but I see his point about not wanting to lose his kids as they’re his life and how much it pains him that he can only see them once a week and every other weekend…what parent wouldn’t chose their kids — heck I’d do the same thing! But there’s a point where you should put your foot down and give your kids tough love and ask that they respect you and who your choice is for a life partner; and if they can’t accept it then it’s their loss. If they choose not to come and see him on his weekend then they should stay home with their mom and let us live our lives in peace. Now I know the kids thougths and actions mainly stem from their mom (his ex) bad-mouthing me at the stalking she did and they saw — but come on! At 16 and 12 they should know right from wrong. Him and I are great together and when it’s JUST us we have a great time and we do well together. We never fight, about money or sex (cause it’s great!) or work or anything. The only thing we ever fight about is his kids and his ex wife (when she starts calling to harass!) She’s so immature she’ll call anonymous on my cell phone (I’ve change the number four times and she keeps getting it) or have her stupid drunk friends call at three in the morning. And we know it’s her because sometimes she’s so drunk she’ll forget to dial *67 first! And I know why she wants him back because he truly is a great catch…one in a million type of man but she should have thought about that before she caught in bed with his best friend. The only thing that I wonder is am I wasting my time with a man who has two lives. One with me and my kids and one with just his kids. How can I ever expect to join my life with his in marriage and if we decide to have more children together if I know his past will never let him live his life for the future. Should I just walk away and bear the pain now or just suffer through it? So many people tell me his kids will outgrow it but it seems the older they get the more uncontrollable they get. His oldest is now driving around with friends so they to come to our house in the middle of the night and prank our gates so it keeps ringing the house phone. They’ll text me with horrible messages from anonomoys numbers but I know it’s meant for me because they call me “home wrecker” and all other types of names….

    As the song asks, “Should I stay or should I go?” Am I wasting my time if I stay or would I be letting his ex and kids win if I go? Would I be giving up on the chance of a life time in being with him just because his kids are trying to push me out of his life?

  2. John U says:

    Sounds like we are going to have to revisit the Attorney avenue. The police can document the harrassment but the attorney will have to take her back to family court for you to uphold the visitation for the kids. Other than that we are spinning our tires and it seems to me that she is pretty good so far at getting your ex to do just that. No offense but it was the legal system that got them this far and that is the only way out of it unless we want to just keep putting up with it and no, sounds like it is not going to stop until we put a habeus judgess in front of her again to make her realize she is not twelve years old anymore.

  3. Drew Blood says:

    With this much at stake, she should have brought the kids back home on time. Simple as that.

    Yes, I have relatives in a similar situation. My IDIOT sister in law and her husband have been divorcing and getting back together off and on for the last year and a half. Without exaduration, they have moved in together only for her to kick him out a few weeks later at least 15 times that I can count. They use the police to scare each other into doing what the other wants, and over 7 restraiining orders have been filed and dismissed, with the 8th being made permanent last August. Now moving out and calling the cops is as simple as normal people raising their voices. At one point they had partial custody of thier 3 sons. But she did everything she could to keep him from seeing them, even though she can’t afford to live on her own and take care of them herself. The last straw came when they were visiting him and shooting targets with an air gun in the backyard. The youngest was hit in the leg (barely a red dot) but it was enough for my sister in law to get the courts to allow only SUPERVISED visitation. Like your relative bringing the kids home late, I asked him what he was thinking? With all that was at stake, why did he think that shooting an air gun was a good idea? (f’ing idiot)

    Believe it or not, they have now been living together with their 3 young sons for about 3 days now after she changed her mind YET AGAIN last week and moved out, ony to move back in this past Monday when learning that her parents refused to let her move back in with them. Incidentally there is a court order stating she HAS to live with her parents and there is a permanent restraining order that is in place against him because she lied to the courts about physical abuse. After living in 11 different places and going to 7 different schools in the last 16 months, I honestly can’t believe that they still have their kids! But they have a court date next week since she filed a request of the court to drop the permanent restraining that she convinced them to implement last August! So it will be interesting to hear what the judge has to say.

    But to answer your question……….it’s VERY common for IDIOTS to use the police, the courts, the system, and even their kids to punish their ex spouses. But don’t worry……if they’re anything like my dumb ace sister in law and her husband, they might get back together!

  4. Reality says:

    What should you do if you find out that your spouse has an “exit strategy”?
    My ex-wife had moved back in with the kids and me earlier this year after a quickie divorce and brief separation, then subsequently said that she was running for political office and taking a leave of absence from work.

    She then rented out her very nice house (which she got in the divorce (I got the kids)), for $2800 a month — money she keeps in her sizable bank account — and has been “slumming,” as she calls it, with us in my old cottage. My 2.5-BR place barely contains us and her large personality.

    Now, I think she has an “exit strategy” in place. I bumped into one of her tenants at the dollar store (where, embarrassingly, I was buying condoms), and the tenant said she and her husband had been asked to vacate by December 31.

    If my wife wins election, she takes office January 1. Or she goes back to her lucrative law practice by then. She hadn’t told me about evicting her tenants, and is barely around lately as she’s campaigning practically every day.

    Do you think she has plans to move back to her place? If so, I doubt she plans to bring us with her. Should I let her know what I know?

    What are the signs that may say your spouse has an exit strategy?

  5. justme says:

    Wow. That is absolutely crazy. You’re a very good writer, by the way. I think you need to do what’s best for you, and leave the kids out of the picture. If he’s the man of your dreams, don’t let anything compromise that. Who knows if you’ll ever find this again? If you two are truly made for each other, you should be able to get through anything. At the same time, he needs to stand up for you to his kids and tell them to stop being so belligerent. The ex wife is something no one can control, clearly, but just the kids improving their behavior would make a major difference. If he’s unwilling to compromise and teach his bratty kids a lesson, he may not be the man you think he is. Because if he truly wants to be with you, he has to do what’s right by you. Tell him how you feel, and give him a choice. Either he keeps his kids in check or you’re out.

  6. T W says:

    My fiance and my kids (15, 13, 10) don’t get along what can I do about it?
    My fiance and my kids (son 15, daughter 13, daughter 10) don’t get along. They are bratty and they are sometimes rude and unfriendly to her and her son (4). My fiance, is extremely sensitive about it, and very protective of her son. She really gets stessed out and uncomfortable around my kids and is quick to get angry with me or to have her feelings hurt when they they are around. My fiance always wants to go out when they are over, probably to get out of the house and distract her and her son from just being with them around the house. My house used to be my ex-wife’s and my house, and my my mom owns half of it and put a down payment down on it and is living there now and helping me with the mortgage. My fiance feels like she is out of place being there and that she doesn’t fit in. My kids really don’t try to make her feel welcome, and they sort of take over when they are here.

    I find it very difficult to discipline them effectively. They are only over for a couple of days at a time, and their mom bad-mouths me and rewards them for treating me like dirt and acting badly when they come over. My mom really makes it worse by catering to their every desire and going behind my back and buying them things which I cannot affort to get them and which I really don’t think they deserve. If I try to punish one of them, she buys them some present. She just does what she pleases and argues with me and automatically takes over. I really would like to sell the house and start over with my to-be wife (by ourselves), but the house is under water, and nothing is really selling around here.

    The kids attitude toward her and her son bothers my fiance so bad, that for a while she wouldn’t go around my kids, and now she avoids them (and me) when they are around, and she always gets mad at me every time they are over. I am trying to get full custody because their mom is being terrible and won’t stop screwing with me, taking me to court over made-up stuff, and trying to take my visitation away (purely out of spite). My kids do try to be nice sometimes, but my fiance seems to be determined to get in a fight or get upset, no matter what the kids do though. My fiance is so upset over the thought of the kids coming to live with me full time, that she said she might want to to “just date” if that happened, and she seems convinced that they will break us up if they move in with me. I asked her how long were were supposed to “just date?” She said she didn’t know. I asked her if she would see other people while we were “just dating.” She said she wouldn’t do that. I asked her if she still wanted to get married. She said yes, I said “well are we going to just date for a while and then get married one day and everything will be somehow different?” She said no. I said “well you are either going to marry me or your not; we’re not goigng to get married and live apart to avoid the kids and my kids aren’t going to just go away if we just date for a while .” I said “Im not stupid, If we’re just dating, you’re not going to be serious about me and you’re going to start looking for somebody else you can be serious about.” She backed down when I said that, but she still felt that way. She is supposed to be marring me, and she says she is looking forward to it but now I’m wondering if we will even be together if I do get full custody, or even 9-12 days a month with the kids.

    I really don’t know what to do. I thought about asking the court for joint custody only, of if I win custody, giving my wife joint custody. I wish she would just leave me alone. I really feel like too much has happened for my Fiance to want to be part of a family with my kids, and she isn’t the most thick-skinned of people anyway.

  7. ditlett says:

    How can I get my husbands ex-wife to stop calling and texting threats and insults to him?
    She left him for a wealthy older man, so she really shouldn’t feel so slighted by his getting remarried. She presented false evidence in court and won a settlement for back child support that had already been paid through the attorney general (he didn’t show up so that ones really his fault). She had the kids sign paperwork saying they wanted to live with her full time so she could take him to court and win outrageously high child support. Then tells us she wants us to take them back 50/50 as before BUT she gets to keep the $1200 a month in child support. We won’t comply so she keeps calling 25 times a day to make threats about even higher child support, suing us for half of luxuries like a ridiculously expensive camp she put them in, and taking away all visitation. If we don’t answer the phone she texts things over that read like she plans to use them as evidence of something that never happened. After she wouldn’t let him pick up the kids on fathers day she texted him “I’m afraid your constant drinking and drug use is the reason you don’t remember our agreement to trade weekends” He doesn’t use drugs, and he did not agree to trade his fathers day away! We just want her to stop calling and texting, and let us pick up the kids for the scheduled visits. What are the steps we need to take to stop this harassment.

  8. ♥ Blondie ♥ says:

    I no it is an emotional impact on everyone when a
    divorce takes place.. but

    U need to tell.. the kids U have a life.. and U are NOT
    gonna leave them.. !!!!! but U wanna be happy too..
    Tell them who is boss.. set terms and rules..

    tell them the consequences if they do not behave..
    they do not want someone else coming into their life
    but it is not up too them..

    good luck

  9. Human Nature says:

    Divorced: Called police when wife did not return kids on time?
    A relative of mine is in a real pickle with a nasty ex husband and a continuous custody battle. First her husband drove her into bankruptcy when he petitioned the court for full custody of the kids telling the court she is a unfit mother. After spending over $50,000 in legal fees to keep the kids, she had a partial win when he did not get full custody but the child support was cut in half.

    Now he has a stop watch and if the kids are not returned to him exactly on time he calls the police and says my relative has kidnapped the kids. Last time four police cars were waiting for her when she returned home with the kids late. Now she has lost custody for now and has to find more money to fight to get them back.

    Is this common? Tell us your stories of bad custody fights in court that involve the police!