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You Can Win Her Back With Poems About Getting Back Together - How Poems Will Get You Back Together

Author: Mark Taylor

If you are broken up with your girlfriend and are looking to get back with her, then don't underestimate the power of poems about getting back together. Breaking up can be an extremely difficult thing to cope with, especially if you have been dumped by your girlfriend. The longer you were in the relationship, the longer it normally will take to get over the heart ache you will experience.

It is quite common for guys who have broken up with their girlfriends to wish to get back with them. It is also not that easy for them to do. When a girl dumps a guy, it is usually much harder for the guy to get back with the girl then the other way around. Some girls will move on quickly and the feelings for their ex tend to evaporate.

As a result I get asked quite a bit how can guys lure their ex-girlfriends back into their lives. There are various methods you can apply, the worst one is when you beg for her to get back with you. You should never look desperate. However, believe it or not poems about getting back together actually can be quite powerful when attracting your ex back into your life. Most women appreciate the power of romance and have a fondness for poetry.

I can direct you to some great romance poets like John Keats or E.E. Cummings, there are many great names that have enriched the world of romance poetry and their poems most likely would touch any girl's heart. However, that is not what is going to impress your ex. You should try and write an original poem that is tailored to her and your previous relationship, that is what will impress her. I would strongly recommend looking at the great romance poets for inspiration and perhaps even write a poem modelled on their style. But the key is that the poems about getting back together which you write should be written by you. That is what will truly galvanize her, even knock her off her feet! When delivering your love poem, I would suggest sending it to her with flowers and place the poem in a nicely made envelope. You will be surprised how well this technique works.

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9 Responses to Get Her Back Poems

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ve done what you can, now just back off and let her work it out. Groveling may seem like a good option right now, but it isn’t. It’s just gonna piss her off. Just give her time to think about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think it is her who is confused, not you. she might have issues. how much have u talked really during the time u been dating her? do you really know her well? she might have issues. if conversations are usually like “o i luv u” etc it means nothing and the months u spent isnt long. u need to ask urself how well u know her. her issues, her insecurities, even her secrets, her pasts, this u havent told us.

    u cant rush these things. but i feel that she is confused and doesnt know what she wants and might be saying these thigns to buy time. I dont know. or else she might have issues she hasnt told u about and is using this as cover. so again good luck. dont get too involved. she is pulling back so u should pull back emotionally. else u risk getting hurt.

    good luck buddy

  3. Anonymous says:

    and your trying to find yourself? in the first girl, so I take it, you are both this girl…… the fancy free one & the torchured soul?

    you need to give more details & more information.


  4. Anonymous says:

    so first of all i think you would be like the perfect boyfriend- massages, poems omg ur amazing. but i think that sometimes people like to chase after something. so basically you are giving her everything she wants but it’s too easy. maybe if you back off- like don’t call her as much and tell her to drive to your house you will make her realize that she misses you.
    also, it doesnt seem like she is very mature- u sound older. like you are dead-on with the “mature love” statement. because she obviously doesn’t get that initial attraction wears off. i think for her to really value your love she needs to be in more relationships to understand how great you are. unfortunately she isn’t ready for you. so you can either wait for her or date around.

  5. Jaymee says:

    How do I get her back?
    I lost my gf because i was a stupid jealous jerk, ive told her everything ive felt and how bad i need her back, she said she still truely loves me but she just doesnt know because i hurt her so bad.

    what can i do to get her back, i wrote her 2 poems and they are REALLY good.

    is there anything else i can do.

  6. kami - xiao says:

    how can i get her back?
    i found a notebook that belongs to someone i knew before. it had poems written by her. in her poems she was enthusiastic. she fancies an exquisite future and unceasing love. a girl who is full of dreams and hope. she was an innocent young girl way back then yet she owns the world. she wrote her own destiny and she has furnished it all well. she is a blissful and affectionate young girl. she curses and loves again. i remember her giggles. she laughs out even at the smallest things. her eyes seems to laugh too when she cackles. she never runs out of enthusiasm. she seizes the day and sleeps soundly at night. basically, everything was solely hers.

    ..and i begrudge her for being so colorful. i hate her for being so naive, for being able to smile while i have already forgotten how my own laughter sounds like. i’m a complete opposite of her. how can she overlook the gravity of things? how can she outwit her own destiny? how can she withstand the cruelty of the world? unlike her, i am full of resentment, pain and disgust. is this the price of loving sincerely?

    last night i had i glimpse of her. her fragile heart is paralyzed on that notebook. the other side, the real i had long been trapped between those pages.
    haha! i’m asking how to find yourself again..aww..said it straight.

  7. ppl who report others are gay says:

    My Gf left me, i wrote her a poem to get her back. Be honest would you like my ‘take me back poem’?

    I’m all alone now,
    I missed my only chance,
    She was the most important thing in my life,
    But the past is the past,
    We live in the now,
    I cant go back,
    Its too late,
    Its too late,
    Whats the point,
    I cant win her back.

    I couldn’t see the truth,
    I was blinded by her past,
    I was lost in her lies,
    I made a mistake,
    It should have been her eyes.
    Now all i can see is you,
    You’re everywhere i go,
    Your everything i see,
    If only you could see,

    Can you see me?

    I was always at fault,
    The fault was always mine,
    I know who to blame,
    I made her cry,
    I made her wanna die,
    Its starts with an ‘m’,
    and ends with an ‘e,’
    its all the same,
    thats me.

    He doesnt deserve her anymore,
    Hes just so ashamed,
    Doesnt know what to do,
    It’s just not fair,
    Why cant i go back?
    Back through time,
    Take me to that perfect day!
    Please take me to that day,

    To the place we first met,

    At the place i first saw your face,
    and that day you grabbed my hand,
    Take me,
    Bring me,
    Hold me,
    And leave me at the day you whispered forever,
    forever that day!
    If only i knew how i’d be,
    If only i knew she’d still be with me.

    But Im slowly dying,
    Im dying every single day,
    Cause all i can breathe is you,
    but now there is no more air,
    Im missing and missing you,
    Missing you more,
    Each and every day,

    Here I am,
    its terribly cold,
    Im stuck in this frozen love,
    I need you,
    I need you,
    I love you,
    I love you,
    I dont know where to go.
    Tell me where,
    Where is your heart,
    Thats where i want to go.

    All thats left are my memories,
    All I have left are my dreams,
    If this is the way its going to be,
    I dont wanna wake up,
    Please dont wake me up,
    Just let me be.

    So I lie here alone,
    With no one but time,
    Watching the clouds,
    Reminded of the days when you were still mine.
    Stuck with a gash,
    The deepest of all,
    A hole in my heart,
    Forever untold.

    A friend once told me to live life to the fullest,
    To live with no regrets,
    I wish with all my heart i had listened closer to those important words and Listened to what little he had to say,
    Because i feel now,
    That everyday i dont have her in my arms,
    Everyday i walk on by,
    Everyday i hide my face,
    I’m just living a mistake,
    Walking and carrying something with immeasurable weight,
    So much weight on my shoulders,
    So much weight on my heart,
    All those words left unsaid,
    Locked deep in the bottom of my heart,
    Something that’ll always be burned in the back of my head,
    Where ever i go,
    ..Where ever i am,
    Something that’ll always make me wonder what could have been
    But never was..

    So much pain,
    Forever in my heart,


  8. g s says:

    Am i being too nice for her to take me back?
    OK so i’ve been trying for the last couple weeks to work things out w/ my ex so we can try dating again. We dated 2 yrs, about half of that was in a long distance relationship while she finished high school. Well w/ a semester left of high school she found herself having doubts about us and she wanted out so she could date someone else to make a comparison. So we broke up and 3 weeks later she wound up dating a guy 2 yrs younger than her who as it turns out only wanted one thing from her. They dated 2 months and then we started talking about us again. Once i got home for the summer we started hanging out a lot. She wanted to see me and I wanted to see her but the “relationship” got kinda physical fast. It was like we had never broken up and it seemed like we picked things up where we left off. I tried to stop this from happening by asking her if we were going to start dating again soon. She told me she just wasn’t sure if her feelings for me were going to come back as strong as they once were. She told me her feelings for me faded while i was away at college but she kept calling me and asking me to take her back so i’m confused now. She says she loves talking to me and she feels comfortated by me but isn’t sure if she loves me as a friend or something more. I’ve told her she isn’t going to be head over heels in love w/ me, that that love fades over time, I mean we dated 2 years and that initial attraction eventually fades and a more mature love takes its place. So now I’m wondering if i have been too nice to her and she doesn’t see the downside to losing me. I mean when she wants to see me I drive to her house, when she wanted to see me when i was in college i drove back home to see her. When i’m w/ her I give her massages and bring her flowers and send her poems during the day. Am i trying to hard and just coming off too nice for her to see me as the bf I once was?
    towards the end of the relationship we were hitting a rough patch and were fighting a lot which is why she wanted to make a comparison b/w me and another guy. I understood this which is why I went along w/ it at first until i found out the guy she was dating was my exact opposite and not a real nice guy.

  9. yadiel g says:

    How Do I Get Her Back??? URRGENT PLS HELP!!!?
    I Love this girl and we dated for months but she broke up with me, she said she got tired of me because she just does not believe that I love her, she loves me back and she’s told me numerous times she does, but she says she doesn’t feel loved by me, she broke up with me but still wants to get back she just wants me to proveto her that I love her, I’ve wrote her poems bought her flowers, but materialistic things don’t work and i know that but i’m confused, she does not have a lot of trust in me but she still loves me and shes willing to try to trust me with time, so how do you prove to the love of your life that you love her, without materialistic things? She says there is a deeper meaning i have to understand, to get her back, shes waiting for me to show her but how!?!?!?!?! what am i not seeing??? please help its urgent, I’m running out of time i love her and i want her back now please!!! Girls please help and guys 2, how do i gain her back and her trust??? What must i do give me all possible answers please and thank you!!!!!!!
    I do know her very well her past, her issues, how she is,
    I’ve even vacationed with her, I Love Her